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Last Rated: August 15, 2014
Are There Products That Help Eyelashes Grow?
Posted on: October 28th, 2013

Women with short, sparse lashes seek remedies for eyelash growth serum products to encourage growth and thicken lashes. Eyelash growth treatment has been a great cosmetic advance and there is a broad range of prescription and nonprescription products available.

How Does Eyelash Growth Treatment help?

A good nourishing conditioner will moisturize and condition lashes with natural ingredients.  Proper eyelash growth treatment will create thicker, longer, stronger lashes that enhance growth and reduce breakage.

How Are They Applied?

Eyelash growth treatment products are applied like mascara to the lash area every day to produce longer, thicker lashes.  Results should be apparent in four to six weeks.

Is One Eyelash Growth Treatment Better Than Another?

Quality eyelash growth treatment serums will contain natural ingredients that have proven safe and effective in clinical trials.  Natural ingredients are preferred over harsh chemicals which tend to harm follicles and hinder lash growth.  They can also increase the shedding of lashes and leave fewer lashes than you had before.  Carefully choose products that come into contact with eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them.

Will I Need A Prescription From My Doctor?

Many eyelash growth treatment items are available by prescription.  Some prescription products have increased blood flow which resulted in pronounced capillaries and dark discoloration.  There are several nonprescription alternatives that enhance without serious negative side effects.

What Should I Consider When Choosing An Eyelash Growth Treatment?

Several factors to take under consideration when choosing eyelash growth treatment are:  the ingredients of the product, the experience of other users of the same product, how the product was used and how long the serum should be used for best results.  Read the instructions carefully to avoid frustration, apply every night and eat a healthy diet.

There Are So Many Products That I Feel Overwhelmed…

Advertisements make many claims. Each eyelash growth treatment product promises dramatic results. This Is not an impulse buy but one that should be entered into with consideration and research.   This site offers extensive information and unbiased reviews from a reliable source in an easy comparative format for information on effectiveness, comfort, side effects, ingredients and price. Results of others users are shown as well as the ease of application.   You also have the convenience to purchase items online.