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Last Rated: September 12, 2014
Do Eyelashes Grow Back?
Posted on: October 28th, 2013

Eyelash regrowth concerns many people with excessive eyelash loss or sparse lashes who fear that the use of eyelash extensions may lead to further loss of lashes.  As long as follicles remain healthy and remain undamaged, eyelash regrowth will take place within a few months.  As some lashes shed, others are in a growth phase.  This is the natural process of all hair growth and not just eyelash regrowth.

How Long Does Eyelash Regrowth Take?

The typical growth phase of an eyelash is 3 months before entering the shedding phase.  It takes 2 months for eyelash regrowth.   Eyelash extensions should, not only enhance your appearance, but should encourage eyelash regrowth.   Eyelash conditioners keep lashes soft and prevent breakage.

What Can I Do To Encourage Healthy Eyelash Regrowth?

Eyelashes do grow back after loss but it takes 7 to 8 weeks for eyelash regrowth.  Exercise care when handling lashes.  Treat eyelashes gently when applying and removing eye make up.  Keep lashes moisturized and select quality cosmetics to avoid further loss.

What Do I Improve Lash Appearance While Waiting For Eyelash Regrowth?

Stimulate eyelash regrowth by using the wide variety of quality eyelash products recommended to condition and encourage natural eyelash regrowth.  Make an informed comparison to select treatments that help lashes grow in a healthy manner and avoid breakage.   Eyelash extensions provide an alternative addition to natural lashes and not just as lash replacement.

The Ads Sound Too Good To Be True

Advertisements for eyelash growth do not tell the whole story so it is the responsible approach to use the reliable, unbiased comparisons and reviews on this site. We share the causes of eyelash fallout and how to prevent it. Get detailed information to compare product ingredients, effectiveness, use, success rate and cost, but never sacrifice quality for cost.