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Last Rated: September 28, 2015
Eyelash Regrowth
Posted on: October 28th, 2013

Eyelash RegrowthDo eyelashes grow back? This is a common question among women who are concerned at the rate of shedding. Eyelash regrowth follows a growth / shedding pattern. A new lash grows back to replace lashes that fall out, but the process takes several weeks. Typically, as a few hairs on in the shedding cycle, many others are in the growth cycle. Lash Serum Reviews provides a resource where you can learn about lash growth and find reviews of serums to stimulate growth.

The Eyelash Regrowth Cycle

The full lash growth and shedding cycle lasts about three months for the lash to grow completely and enter the shedding phase. Once the lash is shed, eyelash regrowth takes about two months for the new lash to replace the one that was lost. There are some natural remedies and products that can be used to enhance the lashes and facilitate healthy lash growth.

False eyelashes and semi-permanent extensions can provide a fast solution to lash loss. However, you need to be sure to select quality products and apply the lashes correctly to prevent damage to the lashes and leave space for new lashes to grow. If you want to grow your own lashes, rather than using extension, there are lash growth serums and eyelash conditioners that soften the lashes and help them grow.

Choosing Quality Products with Lash Serum Reviews

There are eyelash growth serums and conditioners to enhance lashes, but you need to select the right type of product to get the desired results. An eyelash growth serum contains ingredients that are intended to stimulate the follicles for improved growth. Eyelash conditioners condition the lashes, prevent drying, and help to minimize breakage for thicker and fuller lashes.

What You Can Do for Healthy Eyelash Regrowth

You can take several steps to enhance growth and prevent breakage. Make healthy diet choices ad select cosmetics carefully to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals that dry your lashes and contribute to breakage. Treat the lashes gently, wash your hands before you touch your eyes, use only quality cosmetics and remove all mascara thoroughly before going to bed at night.

Learn more at Lash Serum Reviews

When buying a serum for your lashes, you should choose one with no dangerous chemicals that can damage the lashes. Select a serum that is formulated with herbal ingredients, vitamins, and other natural ingredients. Take the time to read information and product reviews before selecting a product to get the best results. The product reviews at Lash Serum Reviews are independent and unbiased sources of information to provide the information you need to make the best decision.