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All about Eyelash Regrowth
Posted on: October 28th, 2013

Eyelash RegrowthEyelash re-growth happens following a fixed pattern of growth and shedding. When one eyelash falls, a new one grows. The new lashes take some time to grow fully. The time span could be anywhere between 4 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on health condition of your hair follicles. A healthy follicle promotes healthy growth of the lashes. At Lash Serum Reviews, we provide ample information about eyelash regrowth.

Things to Know about Eyelash Growth 

  • Eyelashes usually have a growth phase of 3 months before they enter the shedding phase
  • Eyelash re-growth takes around two months.
  • When applying fake eyelash extensions, make sure that you keep enough pace for natural hair growth.
  • Conditioners keep your eyes moisturized and hydrated and ward off breakages.
  • Use of quality makeup reduces the dryness and itching, thereby reducing hair-fall.
  • Serums can boost eyelash growth.

Important Steps to Take

  • Make sure the serums and conditioners are made up of herbal ingredients.
  • Read complete details and reviews before finalizing any product.
  • Eat balanced diet to promote health of eyes and follicles.
  • Check the expiry date of makeup and do not use it beyond the expiry date, even if it appears good.
  • Always wash your hands before touching your eyes
  • Do not rub or use harsh chemical based products on your eyes
  • Remove complete makeup using gentle makeup remover before going to bed
  • Do not use any product in your eyes, if you have recently undergone an eye surgery.
  • Consider getting your extensions applied by an expert.

Do eyelashes grow back? Now that you know the answer to this frequently asked question, make sure that you take the right precautions and remedies for eyelash regrowth.