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Ingrown Eye Lash
Posted on: December 4th, 2013

Ingrown Eye LashAt Lash Serum Reviews, we provide information on a wide range of topics related to the eyelashes. Whether you have a problem with excessive lash loss, thin lashes, or an ingrown eye lash, you can find articles, information, and independent product reviews on our website. We hope you find this information useful in finding the right treatment for ingrown eyelashes to solve your problem.

Causes of an Ingrown Eye Lash

Ingrown eyelashes are often caused by a condition known as Trichiasis. Rather than growing outward, the lash grows inward in the direction of the eye touching the cornea or conjunctiva. The problem can be caused by infections, trauma, inflammation, congenital defect, and other conditions. Other causes of ingrown eyelashes include a stye or distichiasis, which is a condition in which the lash grows in an abnormal spot. Regardless of the cause of your ingrown eyelash, we can help you find the right treatment.

Treatment for Ingrown Eyelashes

There are a few different options for treatment of an ingrown eyelash. The right treatment will depend on the cause and severity of the problem. Some of the options for correcting an ingrown lash include surgery, electrology, and specialized laser treatment.

How to Prevent an Ingrown Eye Lash

Preventing an ingrown lash is better than attempting to treat the problem later. If you are prone to ingrown eyelashes and have had them in the past, there are some things you can do to prevent them in the future. Keep your eyes clean and prevent infection by washing your hands before touching your eyes and treating your eyes gently when applying and removing makeup. In addition, you should select only quality products for the eyes and use lash growth serums to promote healthy lashes.

Get Prompt Treatment for Ingrown Eyelashes

When an eyelash becomes ingrown, don’t ignore the problem. Left untreated, an ingrown lash can cause pain, irritation to the eye and, if caused by an infection, the problem can get worse without proper treatment. An eye specialist is best equipped to evaluate your eyes, determine the cause, and recommend the best treatment option for your lashes.

Reliable Information at Lash Serum Reviews

Lash Serum Reviews offers a resource for you to learn about conditions and problems with the lashes. You can read articles about normal lash growth, problems that range from poor lash growth to ingrown lashes, and learn about products that are available to improve the health and condition of your lashes. Please browse our website to view product reviews and compare the top rated products.