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#1: RapidLash
Success Rate: %
Price: $
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#2: Lashovee
Success Rate: 98.6%
Price: $69.97
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#3: ActivLash
Success Rate: 87.5%
Price: $129.00
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#4: Latisse
Success Rate: 85.7%
Price: $125.00
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#5: MD Lash Factor
Success Rate: 81.3%
Price: $140.00
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Last Rated: September 12, 2014
Reviews of the Top 5 Eyelash Growth Products
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We all want our lashes to be thick and long. Beautiful lashes give our eyes an appealing allure. Although you have the option of getting professional lash extensions, you may not want to spend a lot of time or money on getting touch-ups regularly. Alternatively, you can try quality serums that enable you to get long and thick eyelashes. But, how would you choose the right product for you? If you are overwhelmed by the list of products available, we, at Lash Serum Reviews, can help you pick the right one. We provide comprehensive reviews of major lash growth products to help you make an informed buying decision. Let’s take a look at the top 5 eyelash growth products reviews.

Top 5 Eyelash Growth Products to Choose from

  1. Activlash Reviews: No matter how brittle, fragile, short, thin or sparse your eyelashes are, ActivLash can help you get long and healthy looking lashes. This powerful eyelash serum will surely be useful for you. No matter what your problem is, it would give you beautiful lashes in two weeks.
  2. Latisse Reviews: Hollywood celebrities, such as, Mandy Moore and Jenny McCarthy have reportedly used Latisse for beautiful and long lashes. According to clinical studies, this product not only lengthens your lashes but also thickens and darkens them. Just like the hairs on our head, our eyelashes have a growth cycle. They grow for a while and eventually fall out. Latisse helps to extend the growth phase and increase the number of hair strands. It also helps each of the hair strands to growth to its full potential.
  3. RapidLash Reviews: This natural eyelash growth product is unique. It contains Hexatein 1 Complex, which works together with other natural ingredients to target lashes from every angle. RapidLash helps to fight external and other such factors, thereby protecting and strengthening the lashes. The product delivers vital proteins, vitamins, and other such nourishing and revitalising ingredients, which help replenish the structure of the lashes and at the same time, add shine and elasticity to those.
  4. LiLash Eyelash Serum Reviews:  When used regularly for 4 – 6 weeks, this conditioning serum will enhance your lashes, making them long, full and lush. LiLash is a product that you can easily apply daily, just like you would use eyeliner. This powerful blend of ingredients work from the follicles, conditioning and nourishing them to grow longer and thicker lashes. The best thing about this product is that it is made of soothing ingredients that ensure that your eyes are not irritated. This makes it one of the best eyelash growth products. It fortifies the hair strands, essentially strengthening those and ensuring that they do not break or fall.
  5. Nutraluxe MD Reviews: This eyelash and eyebrow conditioner lets your eyelashes and eyebrows reach their full potential. This amazing serum contains effective peptides that turn the short and thin lashes into thick, long and dark lashes. It ensures that scanty brows also get a healthy boost and achieve an alluring density and lush length. It has been infused with ginseng root extract, which helps repair hair damage caused by hair makeup and other such chemical products.

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